Storage space for rent

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Storage Space for Rent

Finding a space that’s safe and sound

Need somewhere secure to store merchandise, large stock, or even a vehicle? We offer commercial storage space for rent in London, from small garages to large warehouses. If you need a storage solution, we can help.

We specialise in providing space to suit the needs of your business. And, right now, your biggest need may be to find some space in the capital where you can store your goods without paying the earth.

If you’re looking for storage to let in London, use the search box below or browse our listings. If you can’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call on 020 7843 9189 and we’ll see what we can do to meet your requirements.

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Renting Storage Space – a checklist


If you need space to store your business goods, here’s a quick guide to finding the right storage space:


Size is everything. The next thing to consider is what exactly you are intending to store and how much space it is likely to fill. Over-estimate the dimensions and you’ might be paying for space you don’t need. On the other hand, under-estimate and you may need to take out another unit. We’re experts in commercial space, so we’ll be happy to provide a second opinion on the dimensions you need.


Convenience is key. Identifying your ideal journey time to your storage space will save you the expense of travelling too much to drop off and collect your goods. If you only need to visit once a month, you may be able to save money by choosing a non-central location.