What trends will drive office design in 2019?


A recent study found that many UK employees weren’t happy with their working environment. Close to half claimed that there was no area for collaboration, for example, while nearly three-quarters noted that there was no specific ‘chill-out’ area in their office to relax and unwind.

Lack of contentment in the workplace can lead to various problems, reduced productivity, lack of motivation and poor staff retention, to name just a few. With that in mind, here are the latest trends driving office design for 2019 – which you might want to incorporate in your own work premises.


The Future of Office Design – 2019

Get unconventional

Humans are hardwired to appreciate the unusual and ‘different’. Don’t be afraid to use your available space in new and surprising ways, for example, adding hammocks and bean-bags to your collaboration area, or creating ‘nooks’ where members of staff can work in quiet surroundings.

Ditch bland décor

Take some time to survey your surroundings. Are they inspiring? Do they motivate you to work harder? If not, your office décor isn’t doing its job properly. In 2019, we’ll be seeing a lot more creativity in office design, which means diverse colour palettes, art on the walls, bright decals, innovative furniture, leafy plants and more. Remember, you want your employees to feel a sense of excitement when they walk through the door each morning.

Get flexible

Make no mistake, flexibility is the new buzzword for workspace. Not only do employees want the freedom to work from home where necessary, they also want their office to promote versatility too. Make it easy for staff to move around in the premises, with easy-to-move chairs and tables, and moveable walls / curtains that sub-divide space where needed.

Think about health and wellbeing

A healthy employee is a happy employee, and in 2019, this is going to be more important than ever. We’re not saying you necessarily have to incorporate a gym into the office (unless you want to), but we do recommend actively encouraging members of staff to be more mobile. Sit-stand desks are a simple addition to the office, as are ‘walking desks’ (a treadmill in front of a workstation). However, it can even be as easy as moving the furniture to create a space where employees can walk around every hour or so, or adding a ‘healthy snack tray’ in the corner of the room.

Be open (to collaboration)

2018 saw a big swing towards open-plan design and that looks set to continue in 2019. Make it as simple as possible for employees to gather together to discuss projects or brainstorm fresh ideas. You’ll not only need comfortable seating and tables, but also noticeboards, wipe-clean boards and other accessories to encourage the exchange of ideas.

Recognise the need for ‘down time’

Companies are now acknowledging the importance of letting staff have ‘chill-out time’ at work, seeing it as a valuable opportunity to get re-energised and boost productivity. This could be a few comfortable sofas and coffee tables, or even a reading or gaming area.