Reinventing the Boardroom

The boardroom is one of the most important areas of the workplace. It’s where ideas are born, where projects come to fruition, and where problems are eradicated. So why is it often the dreariest part of the office?

If you’d like to inject some life into your tired boardroom, here’s how to make it look less (dare we say it) boring.

Bored of the Boardroom? Not Anymore…

Create proper privacy

There’s nothing more distracting than having a meeting and hearing a conversation in the room next door, or seeing the cleaning lady walk past the window several times. A boardroom should feel like a secure hub – a place to freely discuss concepts without interruption. There are several creative ways to add privacy, for example, using decals on the windows or covering the walls with fabric to muffle external sounds.

Inject some colour

The boardroom is a place for serious conversation, but that doesn’t mean it has to have dull décor. Sometimes it’s useful to add some lively colours, as this can help to perk staff up (especially during long meetings). Likewise, bright furniture can add a sense of energy and purpose.

Fill the space with light

It’s never pleasant to be shut in a dimly-lit room, especially when you need to focus on vital tasks. If you’ve got windows, make sure they’re not blocked by heavy curtains or blinds. Avoid glaring florescent overhead lights – corner or table lamps provide a much more pleasant glow.

Add plants

Plants produce oxygen (always useful in a stuffy room) and enhance the surroundings, adding a much-needed sense of serenity. You don’t need to go over-the-top with it, but a large plant in the corner of the room, plus some smaller ones on the table or neighbouring shelf will make all the difference.

Impress with thoughtful detail

It’s the small things that really count. Visitors and staff alike will be impressed with the tiny, thoughtful details, such as cushions on the seats, attractive glasses and water-jugs, or even a bowl of healthy snacks for people to eat during the meeting.


Avoid your boardroom looking like every other featureless meeting-place by adding a hint of your brand. For example, you could paint the walls in the colour of your branding or add a framed picture of your logo on the wall. Even leaving copies of your brochure on a side-table immediately gives the room a bit more personality.

Get the temperature right

One of the swiftest ways to make staff and visitors shut off is to make the room too hot or too cold. If you know the radiator doesn’t work very well in the boardroom, get it serviced. Likewise, if the room gets too hot in summer, invest in a fan or open the windows at the very least.

Don’t neglect the flooring

Don’t imagine that visitors won’t notice the floors, they always do! If the carpet is stained and threadbare, it needs to go. Likewise, if the floorboards are looking blistered and worn, you might want to get them re-varnished or painted. A rug under the table is useful for hiding major signs of wear-and-tear.