The ultimate office viewing checklist for 2019


Looking to upgrade to a new office or to relocate your business to a better location? You'll need to start viewing offices, and that can be a time-consuming processes that happens to also consume money.

Use this handy 29-point checklist to cut down on time and money. Following each point will help you prioritise the most important concerns during each viewing, ensure you're focusing on your needs effectively, and help you get to the right decision more efficiently.


Office Viewing Checklist 

  • Do you like the office? It might tick a lot of the other items on this checklist, but it’s important the office appeals to you.
  • Will you and your staff be able to get to the office? Is there easy access by road, public transport, etc?
  • If your staff drive to work and providing parking to them is important to your business, is there parking available? Are there enough spaces?
  • Does the office present an image that matches your company and how you want to be viewed?
  • Who are the neighbours and what are they like? Are you happy to have your office beside them?
  • What is the security of the building like?
  • Will the office appeal to your staff?
  • Do the electrical or heating systems look modern or could they be unreliable or inefficient?
  • Are your competitors nearby? This can be both a good thing and a bad thing, i.e. could you lose customers, or will your business benefit from being within a geographical hub for your industry?
  • How does the office compare to the offices of your main competitors? Are the offices of your competitors better for any reason?
  • Does the office have the space you need for your growth and expansion plans?
  • Is there enough storage space?
  • Does the exterior of the building present the right image?
  • Are you happy with the entrance to the building and the reception area?
  • Is the office close to your main clients? If not, your team may need to spend more time traveling.
  • Is the building generally in a good state of repair with modern facilities?
  • What are the building management arrangements that are in place and are you happy with them?
  • If your staff will be in the office late at night, is it safe for them to come and go in the area?
  • Following on from the last point, is the area safe during the day?
  • Does the internal layout of the office suit your company, and does it have everything you require?
  • Do the building and office have suitable access, i.e. ramps, lifts, disabled toilet facilities, etc?
  • Do clients fly in to visit you? Is there easy access to/from the airport?
  • Do you regularly entertain clients? Does the location of the office facilitate this?
  • Does the office have sufficient natural light?
  • Is the dining space suitable for staff on lunch breaks? Are there places nearby where staff can buy lunch?
  • Is a view important? If so, does the office have a view you like?
  • Is there any ongoing construction work nearby? Is there anything planned? Nearby construction work can disrupt your business.
  • Does the office have the cabling/trunking you need as well as sufficient access points?
  • Does the cost of rent and rates combined fall within your monthly/annual budget?


If the office you're viewing matches your requirements in the above 29 areas, you're close to finding a new location for your business.